Cellulite Removal and EMS – Good Cellulite Removal Option?

Cellulite is formed due to the pressure that is put by the connective tissues on the layer of fat under the skin. This results in bulging out of the fat and thus forming cellulite.

In this situation easy methods of cellulite removal are much sought after. There are many ways that one can avoid cellulite collection in the body. There are several home remedies as well that can be used, but following a balanced diet and exercising regularly is the key to a cellulite-free life.

While exercising, brisk walking and proper breathing should be given importance, other ways too should not be completely ignored. Building up of muscles eliminates the cellulite layer as the muscles stretch the skin which propels the melting of the cellulite layer.

Cycling, yoga, swimming, climbing stairs etc. also help in cellulite removal. The idea is to live a healthy life and choose more active and natural alternatives. For instance, stairs in comparison to elevators, fresh fruit juice in comparison to canned juice and so on.

When talking of a balanced diet especially in context of cellulite removal, natural foods that help in detoxification like blueberries, nuts, soya and onion should be consumed in more number. Onion specially helps in burning cellulite as it produces heat in the body which releases the excess water from the cells.

It is essential to detoxify the body for proper cellulite removal. During this process it is recommended to cut out on caffeine, nicotine and avoid extra salt. Plenty of water should be taken in order to maintain proper movement of bowels and also purification of the blood. Any food containing preservatives should also be avoided.

As such detoxification is a natural procedure and can be done at home keeping in mind a few pointers but in today's commercialized world several herbal health care products are also available to help in this process. While opting for these, the natural perspective of the product should be kept in mind.

There are other home techniques as well. While taking a bath using an exfoliate helps to increase circulation. The main idea is just to loosen the cellulite cells so that they melt easily and help in cellulite removal. Massaging different parts of the body can also help in this process.

Special oils are also used to help increase circulation. A very peculiar method used by ladies is by wearing special pantyhose to reduce cellulite. These are tight and put pressure on the fat cells to smooth them.

Cellulite removal can also take place through surgical procedures. Liposuction, spa roller, laser therapy, jet therapy and patch contour are just a few procedures to mention. In these procedures, the doctors remove the layer of cellulite from the body through actual surgery or by using modern techniques like laser therapy.

Although these are safe means of cellulite removal, they come at very high costs. What is also important is to maintain the body after a surgery and ensure that the cellulite does not accumulate again. All these surgical procedures are famous worldwide and are successfully carried out in nearly all countries.

But the main emphasis should always be laid on leading a healthy lifestyle.

Electronic Muscle Stimulators (EMS) have recently been one of the options marketed for cellulite reduction and removal. Often, these devices are used to relax muscles, increase blood circulation, avoid blood clots, and rejuvenate muscles after a stroke. Using the EMS machines for all these procedures is FDA approved. However, while the EMS machines have been effective when it comes to the procedures just mentioned, it still remains to be seen if they have the same effectiveness when it comes to removing cellulite. 
EMS works by causing muscle contractions without need for signals sent by the brain. This simply means that your muscles contract and relax due to outside electrical impulses sent by the EMS to your body. The muscle groups are activated and triggered through the skin. It is actually “brainless exercise” since the brain is not required to do anything. Normally when we exercise it is our brains that send out these electrical impulses, ordering a muscle to move, to flex or to relax depending on what we want the muscle to do. With EMS on the other hand, one can be asleep, and need not exert any effort, while the machine does all the work by sending the electrical signals to your body.
When used in cellulite treatment most of the electrical impulses will be directed to the problem areas affected by cellulite. The often used claim of improved blood circulation for the area beneath the cellulite gives those marketing EMS as a cellulite remover, a reason to make the claim in the first place.
EMS as a viable cellulite treatment is doubtful. No in depth studies have been made with regards EMS used in this manner, and all that you have to rely on are manufacturer’s claims which are often self-serving and have little basis. Furthermore, there has been no FDA approval for EMS as a viable cellulite treatment. The FDA further prohibits any marketing of EMS devices for body sculpting or body shaping. Cellulite treatment seems to fall under these categories.
Looking at all the claims being made, EMS can easily be substituted by working out and keeping in shape on your own. Why pay for an EMS treatment when you can go out and take a stroll, jog, do some aerobics, lift weights, or do any physical activity that catches your fancy. EMS is for the sedentary, and it promotes laziness. Real exercise can get you real results. 
The marketing gurus have found another way to twist EMS as another means of cellulite removal. This has been done for various products so many times, that it no longer is surprising. A perfectly viable machine for other FDA approved treatments, EMS cannot be actively marketed as a cellulite removal tool. This is highly irresponsible, and should not be tolerated. To reiterate, the FDA prohibits the marketing of EMS devices for body sculpting and body shaping. This prohibition from the FDA should be enough to put would be customers of EMS treatments for cellulite on their toes. Undergoing and paying for EMS treatments would be unfair to the customer, as they would not get the results promised.