Exercises To Get Rid Of Cellulite – How To Take Control

No one ever wants to be bothered by cellulite. Apparently, most women actually have problems with it. Cellulite is formed by the excess body fats we have. Because they are not being drained out of our system, they get into our skin and damaging it. That is why cellulite-affected skin looks loose and wrinkly. It is due to the fats that are trapped underneath it.

The first thing people do when they want to get rid of cellulite is look for the natural procedures. But they cannot all be effective to everyone. The most effective and still most recommended by doctors is by using cosmetic surgery to remove cellulite. They say that these modern procedures can be used when wanting to get rid of them immediately without working too hard for it.

Here are the several methods we can do in using cosmetic surgery to remove cellulite:

Cellulite lysing can be done to remove the cellulite surgically. Most people have been using this in repairing the fatty areas in our body. What it does is break down the cellulite from underneath the skin and then remove them afterward. They use a special tool in liposuction. That way, you do not need to burn any calories and fats anymore because the lysing would get rid of cellulite right from the affected area.

Injections are also done in getting rid of cellulite. They use medicines that will break down the components of fats inside the skin. It will then help promote the proper circulation in our body thus helping it to be flushed out. Without the right circulation, we cannot get rid of free radicals, toxins and excess body fats. So the injections will really help in removing them safely. This is the second best thing in liposuction because it does not involve extensive surgery.

Some people would prefer the low body lift. Here, the skin is pulled and lifted upward. This would tighten the skin leaving the wrinkled areas become smooth and firm again like no cellulite really occurred. Although it can be promising, it will also leave scars that might be visible when you wear beach clothes.

These procedures will only be safe if choosing the experts if successful. Make sure that you ask a doctor that is expert in the field for them to do the procedure. That way, you will be guaranteed to come out safe. Using cosmetic surgery to remove cellulite is just a way to remove the cellulite but does not mean it will not come back later. What you need to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle to be sure not to be bothered by cellulite.

Can exercise get rid of cellulite? If so, what sort of exercise is the best and most effective to burn it off? These are common questions asked by many women who want to slim down, get a toned butt and sexy legs. Here are some answers.
It is that lumpy, dimpled look normally found around the thighs, buttocks, abdomen and arms and is sometimes referred to as orange peel skin because of the dimpled appearance. It is most commonly found on women, although men can get it.
There are three layers of fat under the skin. The first is called the subcutaneous layer. This is where cellulite forms. The next two layers store excess calories in the form of fat. In the subcutaneous layer there is a fibrous network of tissue, called septae, forming small compartments, where pockets of fat are stored. When cellulite forms, these cells are forced upwards, and the septate downwards. This results in the dimpled appearance.
Scientific studies have now proven that cellulite is more than just fat. A lot of research has been done over the years, dating back to the 1900’s, to understand how cellulite forms and more importantly, how to treat it. The major breakthrough came in the 70’s when Italian anatomo-pathologist and molecular biologist Professor Sergio Curri undertook detailed research into cellulite and proved conclusively that it is not normal fat and should be treated differently.
When excess calories are stored in the lower two layers, the subcutaneous layer with pockets of fat stored in the fibrous tissue is pushed upwards, making the dimpled effect more pronounced. The key is to do exercise that targets fat generally, while toning the areas of the body that have cellulite. That will have a two pronged approach. You will take the pressure off the lower two levels of fat pushing the subcutaneous fatty pockets upwards under the skin. Secondly, you will start to tone your muscles, replacing with muscle. As you tone your muscles, your metabolism will also increase, having a positive effect on the burning of calories, as muscle burns more calories than fat just to function.
This depends on how fit you are when you start your exercise program. Walking is a good way to start any exercise program. Walking with dumbbells gets your heat rate up, improves your cardio-vascular system, tones your leg and arm muscles and burns fat. Check web sites such as
to assess your level of fitness and what sort of exercise is most appropriate for you.
As your fitness increases, the best fat burning exercises are those that get your heart rate up to around 65% of your maximum (approximately 220 beats per minute minus your age) for approximately 30 minutes. Studies show that this is the optimum range to burn fat and keep it off.
The most effective types of exercise are the exercise bike, tread-mill, swimming and aerobics. Exercises that allow you to monitor your heart rate are preferred, so you can train in the optimum heart rate range.