The Truth About How to Reduce Cellulite on Thighs

There is a whole host of cellulite remedies available to everyone who agonizes with this problem, including the latest in

and creams. The big question with all of these products is whether or not they really work? Let's take a closer look at what these lotions are all about.

For anyone who has cellulite, it's like having a nightmare that just won't go away. Once it sets in it's nearly impossible to get rid of it seems.

What many women never realize is that most every woman has at least a little bit of cellulite, even women who are skinny. Of course, for some it's worse than others. Because of how much of an eyesore it is, reducing cellulite becomes a priority for many of them.

Over the years more and more products have come out on the market that claim to be the best cellulite remedy available. Most of these creams and lotions work in one of two ways.

Some are designed to work on the surface of the skin and smooth out the skins surface. This will lead to covering up those cottage cheese like signs of cellulite.

The other way creams and lotions work is to go deeper into the skin to stimulate and improve blood circulation. By increasing the circulation you're also stimulating the growth of connective tissues. It's these connective tissues that keep the fat from going through to the surface.

While using a cellulite lotion or cream sounds like a great solution, as well as an easy one, the fact is, there is very little proof they really work. There is also very little proof that they won't work either.

Unfortunately, the vast and overwhelming majority of these cellulite remedies simply don't work. The companies that market these products prey on a woman's emotions to drive sales. Then, when word gets out that the product is no good, they close up the business or market it under a different name.

The best advice I can give is to check out the product first before purchasing it. Read some reviews and check to see if it is something that actually works or whether it is simply a scam. While there are effective ways in reducing cellulite, it will take some research.

A cellulite lotion may not give you the long term results you're looking for, but if you're truly looking for a solution, there are ways that do work well.

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If you do not have any cellulite on your skin, consider yourself blessed. But if you came across this article, chances are, you are among the millions of people who are not spared from cellulite. And just like them, you wonder – how can we effectively reduce cellulite on our thighs and other areas of the body?
Cellulite refers to those areas of “dimpled” lines on the skin. They affect about 8 in every 10 women of all sizes and shapes. Cellulite patches develop when the fat (i.e. excess fat) beneath the skin pushes itself outward. Then the underlying connective tissues have to pull themselves the opposite way to maintain the connection in the skin. When the connective tissues get torn, the rippled effect results.
Obesity and being overweight do not automatically lead to cellulite formation, and being slim doesn’t mean cellulite is not bound to form on your thighs and buttocks. However, there seems to be a clear relation between excess fat and the formation of cellulite.
Without much-ado, here are three important steps in reducing cellulite and preventing the formation of more cellulite:
The diet you lead everyday is what may be causing your cellulite problem. Make sure to minimize the consumption of saturated fat – meaning no junk food, no chips and no deep-fried foods. Instead, go for a balanced diet rich in fiber, vegetables and fruits.
Exercise is the only effective way for removing excess fat. It is also only through exercise that you can break down fat deposits in the cellulite and tone the affected area. Perform exercises that specifically targets the thighs and other areas that have visible cellulite. Exercise (especially cardio) lasting at least thirty minutes three times a week will give faster results.
. Apart from excess fat, cellulite formation is also contributed to by hormones and genetics. Make sure to stay away from factors that will increase your likeliness to form cellulite – and this may include stress, smoking as well as hormonal contraceptives.
The majority of those concerned about cellulite on their skin have already tried cellulite creams. These creams promise to increase the blood flow in the affected area, thereby breaking down fat deposits. They are also reported to have healing properties that can restore damage of the stretched connective tissues that contributed to cellulite formation.
Cellulite lotions, gels and skin firming creams are generally claimed to work by plumping the skin with moisture to reduce the visibility of cellulite. Some cellulite-removing products work better than others, no doubt, but most are probably just temporary fixes. How long they might help to conceal those unsightly marks will depend on your brand of choice and your individual body and circumstances.
If you want to effectively reduce cellulite on thighs or anywhere in your body, ask your doctor about how a multi-pronged approach consisting of good skin care products, moderate exercise, proper diet and adequate rest is probably the only effective solution.